Most Maryland companies that utilize salespeople to conduct their business are familiar with “Non-Compete Agreements.”  These are the agreements that prevent an employee from leaving the company and taking all of the company’s customers with them to their new employer. Whether you have been asked to sign a non-compete agreement or you're an employer seeking assistance drafting a non-compete agreement, contact our Maryland employment law attorneys to schedule a consultation. Just call us at (410) 522-1020.

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How Non-Compete Agreements Work

In Maryland, employers primarily are permitted to use non-competition agreements to prevent employees from using their relationships with a business’s customers to the employee’s own advantage once their employment ends.  For example, computer IT companies depend on their technicians to develop relationships with the customers of the business in order to keep the customers satisfied, to earn additional business from them, and to develop good will and future referrals.  In many cases, the companies’ customers do not even know the owner of the IT company.  What they do know is the name of the computer technician who works on their account and that technician’s capabilities.  If the technician were to leave the IT company that employs him, it would be easy for the technician to let “his” customers know that he is going to another company, and it is likely that the customers would follow him to his new place of employment.

If you are being asked to sign a non-competition agreement, you should speak to an experienced employment law attorney before you sign any papers.

Maryland Employers - Is Your Agreement Enforceable? 

Choosing the employees who should sign a non-compete often is just as important as deciding what terms to include in the non-compete agreement.  If you currently utilize non-competition agreements, or if you have been intending to put these agreements in place, you would benefit from having a Maryland employment law attorney review your approach to this crucial layer of protection for your business. 

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