Contract Drafting Tips for Maryland Businesses

Employers are always looking for new ways to be more cost effective and efficient. One area in which companies often try to save money is in the drafting of legal documents. They don’t want to pay fees for standard documents like employment agreem… Read More
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Attorney Fees for Employers in a Lawsuit

Many employers believe that if they get involved in a lawsuit and win, then the loser has to pay the employer’s attorneys’ fees.  The unfortunate reality is that in most cases, that is not true.  In most employment lawsuits, the deck is stacke… Read More
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Employee Handbooks in Maryland

As advisors to Maryland business owners and managers, we have seen many legal problems avoided in the workplace by a well-drafted employee handbook.  There is no legal obligation for employers to issue their employees a handbook but, westrongly rec… Read More
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Vacation Policies

Employers are often unclear as to their obligations to pay employees for accrued vacation-time at the end of employment.  The reason for this confusion is understandable, as Maryland has unique laws on this issue which are counterintuitive and whic… Read More
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Termination Letters

When an employer fires an employee, the company commonly faces a difficult decision – should the employee be issued a termination letter?  In most cases where the termination is simple and straightforward, we recommend that employers not send a t… Read More
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Employer Compliance with Federal Employment Law

Maryland employers need to ensure that every employment decision, including hiring, promotions and terminations, complies with federal anti-discrimination laws. Federal employment laws prohibit certain employers from discriminating against employees… Read More
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Employment Agreements

Employers want to avoid potential lawsuits from their employees. Maintaining written employment agreements with your employees is one way to do so. Written employment agreements spell out obligations and expectations for both the employee and employ… Read More
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Severance Agreements

Maryland employers are often faced with the question: When employees are terminated, laid off or resign from my company, should I pay them severance? There are several factors to consider. Even though Maryland employment law generally does not requi… Read More
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SETTLING LAWSUITS – The Importance of a Well-Drafted Settlement Agreement

Litigation can be emotionally and financially draining. By the time parties reach a settlement agreement, even one with which they are satisfied, they often are tempted to turn their attention elsewhere and ignore the details of the settlement agreem… Read More
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The Top Three FLSA Mistakes Employers Make

From time to time, new issues arise with regard to the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and how an employer must pay its employees. The FLSA was first drafted in 1932, and many of the issues employers deal with today relate to positions that onl… Read More
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