Maryland's Non-Compete Ban

On May 25, 2019, Maryland enacted Senate Bill 328, “Labor & Employment – Non-compete and Conflict of Interest Clauses”. The bill essentially prohibits employers from entering into non-compete agreements with employees earning equal to or le… Read More
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Federal Court Allows Parties to Shorten Limitations Periods by Contract

In Bracey v. Lancaster Foods, LLC, No. RDB-17-1826, 2018 BL 112613 (D. Md. Mar. 30, 2018), the Maryland Federal Court reiterated the rule that statutory limitations periods may be shortened by agreement, so long as the limitations period is not unrea… Read More
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The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

Yesterday, the Maryland General Assembly passed the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act (“HWFA”). The HWFA requires employers with 15 or more workers to provide paid sick leave to employees who work at least 12 hours per week. Employers with… Read More
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The Fine Line Between Simple and Gross Misconduct

In an earlier blog post, we stated that employers are increasingly challenging employees’ rights to unemployment benefits.  Employers seek to demonstrate that employees should be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits for a number of re… Read More
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Simple Misconduct is Simple to Commit

After an employee loses his or her job and applies for unemployment benefits, Employers have many different motives for challenging the employee’s right to unemployment benefits.  One motivation, for example, is that employers who repeatedly termi… Read More
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Dock and shipyard workers may be legally entitled to overtime pay under Federal law.

Employees who work at shipyards or city ports—or on tankers, oil rigs or similar locations—are often wrongfully denied overtime wages which they are legally entitled to receive. The employers typically argue that the employees are not entitled to… Read More
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Some states are beginning to outlaw Non-competes. Is Maryland next to follow this trend?

Covenants not to compete (often referred to simply as “noncompetes”) have become ubiquitous in employment agreements, particularly for executives and other mid- to high-ranking individuals.  The long standing status quo regarding non-competes in… Read More
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Employer Promises – Are They Enforceable?

Our law firm has received calls from both employees and employers describing the following scenario: Employee alleges a promise was made by the employer (or prospective employer); Employee claims to have acted in reliance on that promise; and After… Read More
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Appealing a Denial of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

“I worked at my company long enough and have earned the minimum requirements to be eligible for unemployment insurance, so why am I being denied benefits? And what can I do about it?” Many employees are caught off guard when they receive a notice… Read More
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Voluntarily Leaving Employment Usually Results in Loss of Unemployment Benefits

When deciding to leave a job, the expectation of receiving unemployment insurance benefits understandably plays a large role in an employee’s thought process.  While many employees understand their rights regarding these benefits, we have found th… Read More
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