Impact of Tax Liens on Security Clearance

TIPS TO PREVENT TAX LIENS FROM IMPACTING YOUR SECURITY CLEARANCE Every year, hundreds of thousands of applicants submit for security clearance approval or renewal.  Simply completing the Form SF86 – all 127-pages – is a daunting task itself.  A… Read More
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Security Clearance Attorneys' Recent Success

Recently, the Security Clearance Attorneys at Luchansky Millman successfully reinstated the Secret clearance of a Department of Defense contractor. The prosecuting attorneys for the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (“DOHA”) submitted their… Read More
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Security Clearance Denial Or Revocation

Civil servants from all areas of government employment know that a security clearance denial or revocation may mean the end of their career.  When your job is on the line because of security clearance issues, your job then becomes: Do Everything In… Read More
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