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FMLA retaliation, unpaid wages, overtime claims, wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination, retaliation, biased employment contracts and various other unlawful acts employers often engage in may serve to cheat hardworking employees out of thousands of dollars’ worth of income, benefits and bonuses that they are otherwise rightfully entitled to receive.

Most employees are not aware of all their rights under U.S. and Maryland employment laws. Unfortunately, many employers take advantage of this fact and use it to their advantage in order to illegally withhold or deny overtime wages, commissions, bonuses and various other benefits, all in order to improve their own bottom-line. Other employers fire employees or discriminate against employees for purely prejudicial and illegal reasons.  Even simple employment contracts and severance agreements are often biased toward employers and unnecessarily take advantage of employees.

Employees and job applicants whose rights are violated by an employer may be entitled to hiring/reinstatement, promotion, recovery of wages, and other financial and non-financial damages.

Maryland Employment Law Services from Luchansky Law

In most employment-related claims, the employee has the burden to prove that a violation of their rights occurred, making it essential that you have a qualified and experienced Maryland employment law attorney on your side. Bruce Luchansky and the attorneys at Luchansky Law have extensive experience in all employment law practice areas and can provide you with the legal representation necessary to ensure your rights are protected. You will increase the likelihood of winning your case because of Luchansky Law's in-depth understanding of the law and what unemployment officials and courts need to know in order to decide in your favor. We can assist with investigating your claims to compile evidence and represent you before the EEOC, administrative agencies or in court. Luchansky Law can even represent federal employees in claims against the federal agencies that employ them.  Here are just some of the types of employment law cases that Luchansky Law handles:

Wrongful Termination Claims                 
If you've been fired for a reason that violates your employment agreements or violates applicable employment laws, such as unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, or whistle blowing you may have a legitimate wrongful termination case.

Failure to Pay Wages or Overtime Pay
Employees who have been wrongfully denied wages or overtime pay may be entitled to damages from the employer, which may include an amount up to three times the amount of wages withheld, as well as attorney's fees.

Unemployment Insurance Appeals
If you need to appeal a decision regarding your unemployment benefits or are fighting an appeal by your employer, you typically have only a limited opportunity to make your case and ensure your rights to unemployment insurance are protected. An experienced Maryland employment attorney should represent you in this critical matter.

Discrimination Claims
Under U.S. law it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee or job applicant based on race, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or participation in an activity protected under applicable equal opportunity laws.

Sexual Harassment Claims
A harassment claim can be filed against an employer if a supervisor, colleague or any other employee makes unwelcome sexual advances toward you, requests sexual favors of you, or engages in any sexually oriented verbal or physical conduct that affects your employment.

Harassment/Discrimination Retaliation Claims
An employer’s retaliation against an employee for filing a harassment or discrimination claim, or for being involved with one, is illegal and the victim can be entitled to damages from the employer.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Other Leave-Related Claims
Under U.S. and Maryland law, employers are not allowed to fire, demote or discriminate against an employee if they qualify for and elect to take leave pursuant to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). If you've lost your job or otherwise have been penalized by your employer for taking FMLA leave, or if you have a leave-related dispute with your employer, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Review of Employment Agreements, Non-compete Agreements, Severance Agreements and other Employment Documents
Contracts and agreements with employers usually are written to favor the employer. At Luchansky Law, we can help you understand these documents and identify where your employer may be taking advantage of you before you sign. In many cases we can also help you negotiate better terms.

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