Quality Representation for Federal Employees with Claims Against an Employer Agency

Discrimination/EEO Claims – Labor Grievances – Wage and Overtime Claims – Unfair Labor Practices – FMLA claim and other leave issues – Disability Requests and Appeals – Worker’s Compensation

Many regulations govern federal agencies and their employees. Resolving a discrimination claim, wage or unpaid overtime claim, or other issue with a federal agency employer is complicated. The process is very different from the private sector. It requires hearings with other agencies and boards and specific forms that must be completed with exacting detail. Requests and appeals involving disability or Worker’s Compensation are equally complicated.

Federal Litigation

The Luchansky Millman team represents federal employees with any claims that need to be litigated against a federal agency employer, including the following:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) discrimination claims based on race, gender, disability (Rehab Act), religion and other protected classifications
  • Grievances under the Master Labor Agreement
  • FMLA and other Leave Issues
  • MSPB Cases
  • OPM Disability Requests and Appeals for FERS/CSRS
  • Workers Compensation
  • Overtime Issues: FLSA and Grievances
  • Unfair Labor Practices

Our team can assist in analyzing your case, advising on the best course of action, ensuring proper and effective completion of paperwork, effective representation in front of administrative boards and courts of law, along with any other work required to achieve the desired results for your case.

MSPB Hearings

Luchansky Millman can provide representation for any cases before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) or EEOC and in federal labor arbitrations. We can assist with litigating disciplinary actions for qualifying federal employees who have suffered an adverse action, been removed, suspended more than 15 days or been demoted. We can also represent federal employees with whistleblower complaints, other issues involving Prohibited Personnel Actions, and employees who suffered adverse action due to racial, religious, gender, age, or disability discrimination or reprisal for a discrimination claim.

Disability Representation

Luchansky Millman can provide assistance to FERS/CSRS employees with OPM Disability Retirement requests or appeals. Our team will work with you and your doctor to secure all the medical records and information required to properly prepare your request or appeal. You can also receive assistance in preparing and reviewing your documentation to ensure that all OPM standards are met and your chances for receiving disability retirement are maximized.

Disability Discrimination (Reasonable Accommodation)

Federal agencies are required to provide reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities that affect their ability to perform the essential functions of their job. If you are injured or disabled and your employer has not provided accommodations to enable you to perform your job sufficiently, or if your employer has terminated you or taken other adverse action against you because of your disability, you may have a disability discrimination claim against your employer. Luchansky Millman can provide assistance in requesting disability accommodations or litigating a disability discrimination case against your federal employer.

Federal Worker’s Compensation

For federal employees injured while on the job for the federal government, Luchansky Millman can help you file your Federal Worker’s Compensation claim and represent you in hearings regarding your claim. With the assistance of a Federal Worker’s Compensation attorney our network of expert consultants (formerly supervisory or senior claims examiners with extensive experience within the Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs), your chances of being approved for Worker’s Compensation benefits are greatly improved and the hassle and frustration often experienced by Worker’s Compensation claim filers greatly reduced.

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If you are facing discrimination or harassment on your job within a federal agency, think your federal employer maybe violating your rights, or have a disability or Worker’s Compensation issue as a federal employee, Contact Us today and schedule an initial consultation and have your case analyzed by a federal employment attorney.

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