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When your livelihood and future employability are at stake, you need an attorney you can count on – someone with an in-depth understanding of the issues at hand and a strong track record for protecting rights in the workplace.

For more than a quarter century, Bruce M. Luchansky and the team here at Luchansky Law have been helping clients achieve the results they need. Representing honest employees and employers and backed by an experienced team of lawyers and assistants, Luchansky Law takes cases involving any employment, wage, discrimination or employee rights matter. We also assist employers in establishing practices and preparing documents that protect an employer’s business and prevent disputes with employees. Get more details about the cases we handle and how we may be able to help you on our Employment Law Services pages:

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Our Approach

Clear, Open Communication
At Luchansky Law, our Maryland employment law attorneys believe that thorough preparation, clear communication and client involvement are key to achieving a client’s goals. You’ll find that our attention to detail, openness with you, and ability to communicate issues and options in terms you can understand enable you to take an active role in your own case.

We Work With You
When you bring your employment law case to Luchansky Law, it’s still your case.  Don’t worry – we do all the heavy lifting.  We assess your situation, we provide the legal guidance you need, and we provide you with quality legal representation.  But we don’t just take over and occasionally fill you in on the details.  Instead, you and the firm work as a team.  You educate us on the facts of your case, and we educate you on the law and your options. We advise you on the best course of action and involve you in the decision making. With Luchansky Law on your side, you’ll be free of the burdens of managing your case while still being directly involved.

Strong, Dependable Representation
We take workplace rights very seriously. From the very beginning, we examine each case meticulously, whether to ensure that all rights violations against an employee are uncovered and brought to light or identifying potential problem areas in an employer’s policies and practices. In negotiations and courtroom proceedings, the arguments and demands we present on your behalf are backed by thorough research and sophisticated planning to ensure you’re represented as strongly as possible. And we don’t back down just to avoid a trial against an opponent. We are trial lawyers.  When an offer of settlement isn’t in your best interests, we fight until your interests and rights are recognized.

More About Luchansky Law and Our Employment Law Services

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