The employment lawyers at Luchansky Law are dedicated to helping employees and employers throughout the state protect their rights and navigate the complex Maryland and federal wage, overtime and benefit laws and regulations.

Meet Our Maryland Employment Law Attorneys

Bruce M. Luchansky

What We Do For Employees

Our employment law attorneys work tirelessly to protect the rights of Maryland employees.  We handle all employment law claims including:  discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, FMLA Claims, wrongful termination, vacation pay disputes, overtime and unpaid wage disputes, employment agreements, non-compete & confidentiality agreements.  Learn more about our services for employees.

What We Do For Employers

Maryland and US employment laws are complex and often difficult to understand.  At Luchansky Law our Maryland employment law attorneys understand that even an employer with the best of intentions can end up on the wrong end of a discrimination claim or other employment law-related lawsuit. We help employers get out of trouble and ideally avoid it in the first place.  Learn more.

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