Some states are beginning to outlaw Non-competes. Is Maryland next to follow this trend?

Covenants not to compete (often referred to simply as “noncompetes”) have become ubiquitous in employment agreements, particularly for executives and other mid- to high-ranking individuals.  The long standing status quo regarding non-competes in… Read More
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Anatomy of "Non-Compete" Agreements

Most Maryland companies that utilize salespeople to conduct their business are familiar with “Non-Compete Agreements.”  These are the agreements that prevent an employee from leaving the company and taking all of the company’s customers with t… Read More
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Should Employers Make All of Their Employees Sign Non-Competes?

Most employers know that it is a good idea to have employees sign “non-competes” – that is, agreements that limit the extent to which current employees may compete against the employer if the employee leaves and wants to start working somewher… Read More
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