Testimonials from Our Satisfied Employment Law and Employee Rights Clients

Luchansky Law is proud to share with you a handful of the praises, testimonials and notes of thanks we’ve received from our many satisfied and appreciative clients over the years. We hope that the testaments below assure you of our ability to handle your employment law issue with the utmost competence and achieve the results you need.


Mr. Luchansky is a true professional and a gentleman

Mr. Luchansky – I would like to once again thank you for meeting with my husband and me. I was not sure what to expect when we met. Thankfully, you are a true professional and a gentleman! 

– D.M.

I Strongly Recommend Mr. Millman

Before contacting Luchansky Millman about a possible case against my former employer regarding unpaid wages and a hostile work environment, I contacted two other well-known law firms in the Baltimore-Metropolitan Area, neither of which ever fulfilled their respective promises to call me back. And I’m now thankful that they didn't! Their lack of professionalism resulted in a close friend recommending that I schedule a consultation with Mr. Millman, a recommendation for which I’ll forever be indebted.

Ms. Menchel, the front desk receptionist, was very polite and didn't ask the usual screening questions in the petulant tone to which I had become accustomed during my search for legal representation; on the contrary, she was pleasantly neutral and concise. She also extended me the courtesy of a reminder call about my scheduled consultation with Mr. Millman, which was much more than I had received from the two previous law firms. Upon arriving at Mr. Millman's office in Towson, Ms. Menchel greeted me and prepared me a cup of hot tea; I also received a warm greeting and a smile from Mr. Millman himself, and I immediately felt at ease.

During our one hour consultation (I believe it may have lasted longer than that), this sense of ease only flourished as I came to realize that Mr. Millman had a genuine interest in my case, as opposed to a solely monetary one. He listened to my claims attentively and shared his legal expertise in a comprehensible manner; he asked pertinent questions and offered insightful commentary in response to my earnest answers; and, above all, he was honest when highlighting the strongpoints and pitfalls of my case, without ever failing to be exceedingly polite. (As someone who detests the modern bent toward informality, I can truly appreciate a person who still practices common courtesy.) All of these small gestures reinforced my growing belief that Mr. Millman would be a knowledgeable and trustworthy ally in my pursuit of justice, and his advice—when either solicited or freely given—would be both generous and sound. Unsurprisingly, this belief solidified itself into fact over the next six months, during which Mr. Millman was my attorney and was able to bring my potentially six-year-long case to a felicitous conclusion.

I don’t think that such a favorable result would’ve been possible without Mr. Millman’s unwavering dedication and sure guidance (he even went so far as to do me the kindness of representing me in my unemployment hearing and, were it not for him, I’m certain that I would’ve never secured my benefits). Also, communication was never an issue thanks in large part to the aforementioned Ms. Menchel and hitherto unmentioned Mr. Pinsky, the in-office law clerk, who merits recognition for his involvement in the initial stages of the case, as well as congratulations for completing law school. I’m grateful to all these people for not allowing me to feel abandoned or uninformed during this journey.

Finally, I would just like to say the following: even though I believe that everyone deserves respect (at least, in the most basic sense), I don’t believe that they deserve my admiration, much less praise. These things must be earned; and Mr. Millman, together with his team, has earned them—which is no small feat with someone like me, who doesn’t believe in abandoning sharp words for the sake of appropriateness or using a dull-edged vocabulary when talking about truth. I will forever be indebted to Mr. Millman, as well as to the close friend who mentioned him to me almost six months ago. My most sincere thanks to everyone for everything.

– R.A.

Just the right amount of edginess

Thank you, thank you & thank you. I am thrilled with the outcome [in resolving a Government investigation] … your knowledge, skill in communicating with [the Investigator] and just the right amount of edginess was more than I could ever ask for.

So great to know that the best was on my side this time.

– S.I.

It is lawyers like him that are making the world a better place.

I personally want to take the time to write a testimonial to anyone who is considering becoming a client of Mr. Luchansky. When our business split, we hired him to help us with handling the logistics of the transfer. He did this in an honorable and concise manner; making sure he ironed out all the details in order to prevent any future inconvenience, using our time wisely and being completely open and fair about billing. He did this for us, and he also did so much more. He handled what was an emotionally ridden, tumultuous interpersonal relationship with astonishing knowledge of the human psyche. He understood our need for a peaceful reconciliation, and proceeded to handle all aspects of the split with sensitivity and grace. He knew when the situation called for a harsh legal action, and more importantly when it required kindness and respect. He displayed incredible common sense and foresight. His vast experience with such matters helped us avoid what could have been a very ugly situation, and for this, we are eternally grateful and can't thank him enough for everything that he did to help us. I would strongly encourage anyone who is in need of a lawyer to contact Mr. Luchansky. It is lawyers like him that are making the world a better place.

– A.G.

An Outstanding and Dedicated Attorney

I have known Bruce Luchansky, Esq. for over ten years. I have personally observed him in both a Plaintiff’s lawyer and Defense attorney capacity. Bruce Luchansky is an outstanding and dedicated attorney. He is aggressive, smart, practical and gets to the point without wasting a lot of time. He’s also very cost-effective and gets solid results. Bruce has strong command of virtually all areas of Labor & Employment law. Over my many years of practice, I have personally consulted Bruce a number of times and he always presents refreshing and valuable insights.

– M.F.

Thrilled by Reponse Time

Working through my separation from employment was difficult.  In a confusing time, you demonstrated compassion and provided me with a sense of balance as we worked through my separation agreement.  I am thrilled by your response time and impressed by your open line of communication and would recommend you to family and friends.


Mr. Millman is the best!

Mr. Millman is the absolute best for the working class! He represented me in the most professional way with more than satisfactory results. I have referred friends to him with positive results. I will not hesitate to call on him in a time of need.

– N.B.

I'm very glad I found Mr. Millman

Hiring a lawyer can be a scary time. The problem you have can change your life and you need help. I called the Luchansky Millman Firm and spoke with Judd Millman. He invited me down to talk about my case. I told him everything that happened to me. He made me feel very comfortable and he listen's well. He asked a lot of questions that I would not have thought of to get a better understanding of the case. He took my case and started explaining what the next steps are. Judd is extremely good at returning your call. Every time I found out something new or had a question he got right back to me and explained and advised as to the best way to go. He let me know what the other party was stating and he let me know how we were going to respond, which is very important. He is very good with detail and he shows you what he is doing. Every little letter or document you will be able to read and review no surprises. My case was a very hard case, an employment issue, and it turned out very well. My issue has now been fixed and I don't have to worry about this coming back and haunting me later because I have all the important papers proving the outcome and it worked out in my favor. I am so happy he took the time to work with me and was very honest. You might not like everything that will happen as you file court papers and so forth. But that's life and his job is to find the best way to help you so that you don't suffer problems that were not caused by you or false claims. Again I am very thankful. Even after my case was finished, when I call his office and have a legal question he takes the time to speak with me.

– R.H.

Received help from a fine, esteemed and well established attorney

I so loved having Mr. Millman as my lawyer/attorney to help me out with a case that I thought I would never ever have a chance to win. I believe that he is one of the most spectacular, trustworthy and informative lawyers I've ever had to use. I will always always always and I have recommended people to him; I don't know if they got in contact with him but I have. And if need be, I will use him over and over and over again. I so love him for all the help he has provided to me and my colleagues thank you so very much Mr. Judd Millman.

– C.C.

Wonderful Experience, Above and Beyond Expected

Working with Mr. Millman was a wonderful experience. We knew we were in good hands the moment we met him. He went above and beyond what we expected, was available and responsive at all times and had great advice for us. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a genuine, intelligent and caring lawyer who is an expert in his field.

– L.Y.

Business Owner Recommends Judd Millman

I have never ever met another lawyer like Judd.  This guy is such a great attorney!! I recommend him to everybody. Try him and let me know.

– J.M.

Mr. Millman Has Extensive Understanding of the Law

Mr. Millman is everything you could ask for in an attorney. He is trustworthy, has an extensive understanding of the law and will treat you with the utmost respect. He will keep you informed and he always has your best personal interests at heart. Please do not hesitate to give him a call. It was the best call I made, and will be for you too!

– J.W.

Extremely Impressed by Open Line of Communication

I was very pleased with the service you and your law firm provided in successfully resolving my employment dispute.  This was a very difficult issue, but you achieved a fantastic result.  I was extremely impressed by your open line of communication, regularly providing updates on the case status and what I should expect going forward.  I will gladly recommend your firm to friends and family who should need legal representation in employment issues. Thanks so much!

– A.M.

“Skilled and Honest Lawyer” with “Amazing Legal Prowess”

It is with great conviction that I recommend Bruce Luchansky as a skilled and honest lawyer. His knowledge of the law is extensive, which provides him with the basis for his amazing legal prowess. Bruce became my lead litigator for a business dispute, in which he defeated my adversary in court, who showed up with a team of lawyers and hundreds of documents. Bruce not only dismantled my opponent’s case by the sheer logic of his arguments, but he turned the opposing lawyer into a red-faced mess. Bruce is by far the most invaluable asset any client can have because he knows how to win.

– J.H.

Reliable Business Counsel and Legal Services “Time and Again”

Dear Mr. Luchansky,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent service your law firm has provided me. Being in business has its challenges and when a law matter comes up it is great to know I have you and your team to rely on.

Luchansky Millman has not only represented my company in a way that exceeded expectations, your firm has proven time and again how valuable it is to my company.

You made it possible for me to focus on running my business without getting distracted and bogged down in sticky legal situations. Each time I picked up the phone I felt relieved to hand over the issue to be resolved by your very competent team.

I highly recommend that any business consider using your firm for legal representation and will certainly spread the word on my end.

Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do for my company.

– R.F.

Knowledge and Thoroughness Evident in Services Contract

Bruce Luchansky assisted me with a complicated services contract. His knowledge and thoroughness was evident throughout the process and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

– A.S.

Workplace Dispute Client Appreciates Integrity, Strong Work Ethic and Excellent Communication

Bruce Luchansky represented me in a workplace dispute. From the start I found Mr. Luchansky to be a man of integrity who possesses a strong work ethic and is always professional and accessible. He is also an excellent listener and communicator, promptly responding to my calls and emails, and taking the time to plainly and clearly explain the nuances of my case. I hold him in high regard, and without hesitation I wholeheartedly refer the services of Bruce Luchansky and his legal team.

– E.H.

Reliable Legal Counsel and Legal Explanations the Client Understands

I highly recommend Bruce Luchansky, Esq for all your legal needs. Bruce has the ability to explain the law in a way that I can understand while giving me the information that I need to make business decisions. Mr. Luchansky has always been able to provide me legal counsel on topics from human resources, work compensation, legal liability and more. It is refreshing to actually communicate with your legal representative and gain legal counsel from an expert directly and when you need it.

– M.W.

Client Who Gladly Recommends Luchansky Millman

Dear Mr. Luchansky,
Thank you for a job well done………..you know your stuff. I am relieved and the owner of [our company] is appreciative. I know you will be fair in your billing on this project and i want you to know that both my daughter and I will gladly and willingly recommend you to anyone we know who could use your services.
Thank you again.

– R.W.

My Case was as Important to Them as it was to Me

I was very pleased with the way my case was handled at Luchansky Millman. At the first meeting I was encouraged that my case would be given priority and that my case was as important to them as it was to me. I was able to call or email with questions, each time my questions were answered in a timely manner and I always felt the questions were answered to my satisfaction. I would recommend LL to a friend or family member, and would not hesitate to call on their services again.

– A.H.

Successful ADA Claim Yields Promotion and Award for Client’s Disabled Son

I can never repay you for your kindness, your dedication, and your belief in [my son] in handling his ADA claim …….. He was promoted to GS 11 last fall, received a personal note from the new “head” of the division, and a $500 cash award for his work. He likes his job and his boss. Thank you so much!

– N.B.

Diligence, Professionalism and Compassion Yield Highly Satisfactory Results

We cannot express in words the gratitude we have for you being our chief counsel throughout this entire fiasco. The diligence, professionalism and compassion you’ve displayed relating to all matters surrounding this journey, that we’ve been on together, has been nothing short of tremendous.

We couldn’t have hoped for a better result, and we believe that without you it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you!

– S.S.

Thanks for Additional Money Awarded

I want to thank you again for handling our hearing last Friday. I told my wife what transpired at our court trial and that she missed the opportunity that we’ve been waiting for since the lien was filed. As I was listening to you, the other lawyer and the Judge, I couldn’t have been more fortunate in having you represent us. Also, I liked the idea of your motion to extract your work-hours from the settlement. Although the Judge didn’t grant the full amount requested, it was still a nice surprise when he granted the additional money to us. Great move!

My wife and I can’t thank you and your firm enough for your efforts in our behalf. We will certainly give our friends, relatives, etc. your name as a reference for any future legal work.

– D.Z.

Knowledgeable and Strong Representation in Defense of Administrative Charge

When a serious administrative charge was filed against me, a colleague suggested that I call Bruce Luchansky to represent me. I am very glad that I did. Bruce was extremely knowledgeable – he explained the process and we discussed all of the possible outcomes. Bruce took a strong stand with the other side and helped me negotiate a result which I was very satisfied with. I highly recommend Luchansky Millman for their knowledge, experience, and strong legal representation.

– S.P.

A Consummate Lawyer with the Experience to Recommend the Best Course of Action

Bruce has been the consummate lawyer. Because he has so much experience with employment law, he is able to determine and recommend the best course of action for a particular situation. Specifically for me, he provided me with several options, giving the pros and cons for each scenario, and then we had an open discussion to determine the best course of action. I’ve always felt comfortable and good after speaking with Bruce. I don’t feel he wastes my time, but rather he is there for me and to help me achieve my outcome as efficiently and effectively as possible.

– M.S.

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